Build a Scalp Care Routine for Healthier Hair

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Proper scalp care improves your hair's health and appearance. Keep reading as we highlight the top ways to treat and care for your scalp. 

Scalp Imbalances

If you're experiencing a tight, dry scalp, excessive oil, or inflammation with redness — chances are you have a scalp imbalance. 

Common causes of an imbalance:

  • Product build-up

  • Hormones

  • Inflammation

  • Allergies

  • Lack of sleep

  • Stress

  • Change in diet

What are your scalp symptoms? 

Identifying your symptoms is the first step to creating a treatment plan. 

Common symptoms:

  • Itching

  • Irritation

  • Tightness

  • Redness

  • Flakes 

Media - Derma Sensitive

Our favorite scalp treatments 

Switching your hair products is a quick way to begin your scalp care journey. Look for formulas that target your symptoms. These are a few of our favorites to moisturize, hydrate, or detox the scalp.

  • Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo:

     Clear flakes and reduce irritation with this exfoliating formula, leaving your scalp feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Care Derma Sensitive Range: 

    This range will reduce scalp redness, itching, and irritation with its pH-balanced formula and low-allergen fragrance.

  • Care Derma Activate Range:

     Prevent excess hair fall and stimulate the scalp to promote thicker results that improve scalp function.

  • Care Derma Regulate Shampoo: 

    Regulate the scalp's natural balance and keep oil production under control. 

Scalp care tips 

While swapping your products should be a priority for scalp care, these are the top tips to follow.

  • Incorporate vitamins A, C, D, and E into your diet. These vitamins support skin cell growth and renewal.

  • Massage your scalp regularly to increase blood flow. 

  • Add rosemary or peppermint essential oil to your scalp massage. Both ingredients stimulate the scalp nervous system.

  • Hydrate with targeted products and increase water intake.

  • Avoid hot water on the scalp.

  • Use a water filter on your shower head to soften hard water.

  • Avoid heat styling whenever possible.

  • Avoid hair products with harsh sulfates.

  • Limit hair product use with high content of denatured alcohols. 

Want to know more about common scalp concerns? Check out the four most common scalp concerns & solutions.

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