Healthy Hair Must-Haves for 2023

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

The start of the new year is the perfect time to ramp up wellness in all areas of your life. While most of us have started a list of workout goals or health-conscious recipes, we’re also looking for new hair trends to start the season off in style. If you’re curious about the top hair trend dominating 2023, it’s healthy hair!

Focus on healthy hair

The shift in dialing back damage to ramping up hair health began in 2020 when self-care became a priority. Since then, we’ve seen hair and styling trends evolve toward finding healthier solutions for great hair days, from expensive brunette hair to heatless curls. In addition to changing our habits, the latest innovations in blonding services, heat protection, and color care can help anyone achieve their healthy hair goals.

If you already have damaged hair

The first step is to figure out where your damage stems from. Is it from excess hot tool use, hard water in your shower, a bleach blunder, or the environment? Next, coming up with a treatment plan is key. For quick and effective results, start off with a stylist-prescribed salon treatment and then follow up at home with targeted products.

In-salon treatments

Miracle Elixir — an intense nourishing keratin treatment that restores damaged hair for soft and smooth results.

Spa Creambath — a relaxing treatment that moisturizes the hair and creates a protective layer around damaged areas to promote a healthy scalp and smooth hair.

Bond Fusion — add an extra boost of protection for color-treated hair with this bond-building treatment.

Derma Peeling — whether dealing with a sensitive scalp, dandruff, or an oily scalp, a Derma Peeling treatment will improve your scalp health to set the foundation for a beautiful style.

Start a new routine

Gifting yourself a silk pillowcase, adding a soft water filter to your shower, or swapping products are perfect examples of how to quickly improve the health of your hair. They require little to no effort but can make a big difference in the outcome of your style.

Top at-home products for healthy hair

Care Masks — there’s a mask for everyone! Pick from Blonde Savior, Curl Control, Satin Oil, Color Brillianz, Derma Sensitive, or Vital Nutrition to nourish, revive, and indulge in some at-home self-care that will also increase the health of your hair.

Care Blonde Savior Leave-In Treatment — this leave-in treatment is ideal for strengthening blonde or highlighted hair from within while protecting it from heat styling.

Style Instant Blowout or Blowout Gelee — every hair type benefits from heat protection when you style. If you have fine to normal hair, reach for Style Instant Blowout. If you have normal to thick hair, try Blowout Gelee. Protecting the hair up to 230°C (446°F), these products can be layered with other stylers to achieve the perfect finish.

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