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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Mild, natural hair care

Keune So Pure Care

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Professional & natural hair care

Keune So Pure's natural hair care has active plant ingredients. That makes this vegan hair care smell wonderful and gives a luxurious feeling of relaxation. The shampoos are sulfate-free and all So Pure products are enriched with argan oil.

Key ingredients

Moroccan Argan Oil Natural oil rich in vitamins A and E to nourish and care for hair and scalp

Cananga odorata, lemon and palmarosa oil Natural oils that repair, moisturize and detangle hair, with a relaxing floral scent

Jasmine, sandalwood oil & shea butter Restore the natural moisture balance and shine of the hair

Coconut and avocado oil Moisturize dry and damaged hair and nourish the scalp

Chamomile oil Natural oil with soothing and calming effect to reduce irritation and inflammation

Ginger oil Natural oil that stimulates blood circulation in the scalp for a warm and invigorating feeling.

Natural hair care products

  • Moistorizing: for dry hair that could use some love

  • Recover: a rich foaming treatment to repair, nourish and strengthen damaged hair from within

  • Volumizing: gives a natural boost for thicker hair with a lot of volume

  • Color Care: keeps colored hair looking radiant

  • Cooling: provides natural care for all hair types and has a cooling and invigorating effect on the scalp

  • Calming: the ideal treatment for people with sensitive scalp

  • Exfoliating: the anti-dandruff agent for people with a sensitive scalp

  • Energizing: improve the blood circulation of the scalp so that hair growth is stimulated