How to: rainbow looks for Pride by Daniel Yap

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Are you ready for a big, bold change in your look? Show you support for Pride by creating with one of these colorful looks. Our Global Color genius Daniel Yap shows you how to work magic with Keune Color Chameleon. And perfectly styled down to the last detail with the Lumi Coat Supreme Cream Pride Edition.

Teng (she/her) – Chasing Rainbows

A magenta halo and a cool, crisp blonde evolves into an urban rainbow before progressing into into blue black ends.

Max (he/him) – Rainbow Roots

A soft, sophisticated blonde with a Color Chameleon rainbow, literally growing from his roots.

Cardin (he/him) - Dash of Rainbow

The look features a stunning combination of white hair with a vibrant rainbow stripe cascading down the center, creating a captivating and enchanting style.